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Window Cleaning

Services we offer:

  • hard water removal

  • window screen cleaning

  • deep track cleaning

  • solar panel cleaning

  • skylight cleaning

No matter the size of your commercial or residential property, professional window cleaning can be an excellent investment.

Here are the various reasons why choosing Advanced Window Cleaning is  a smart idea:

Window Cleaning Services Improve your Quality of Life

Your quality of life can be improved immensely by having clean windows. At first, you might be thinking, “how is that?”  Well, clean windows can greatly improve the ambiance of your home, allowing more sunlight in during the fall and winter months which saves money on your energy bill.  We believe the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Avoid Bacteria, Debris, Allergens & Viruses

Did you know that bacteria including allergens and viruses and debris can collect on your windows?  That’s why choosing Advanced Window Cleaning can help you achieve streak-free, shining windows while also protecting the health of your family or customers.

Prevent Hazardous Incidents

Window cleaning professionals know the proper safety measures to take when cleaning windows. While it may seem straightforward to clean a ground-level window, there are many safety risks that come into play when you start adding height to cleaning windows. At Advanced Window Cleaning, we take pride in our work and train our employees to perform each job not only safely but thoroughly. 

Avoid Property Damage

When windows are not cleaned regularly, debris builds up which can cause corrosion.  This can damage your windows and when combined with rain water, it can stain other areas of your home.

Keep Living Your Life

Instead of taking away precious family time or business commitments to clean your windows, let our trained window cleaning experts take care of that for you!  This way you can worry less and live more of the life you were meant to.  

Get Window Cleaning Services Now

Keeping your home or business looking great all year round can be easy when you choose Advanced Window Cleaning.  We strive to provide the best window cleaning in the Grand Valley.  Get in touch today to let our trained experts get you that beautiful shine on your windows that you deserve.  

With Advanced Window Cleaning, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

* We offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or we will give you your next service for FREE!


Window Cleaning Packages

Platinum Package 

  • Clean interior & exterior windows 
  • Remove screens and hand wash with soap
  • Deep Clean window tracks & wipe down frames and sills

Gold Package 

  • Clean interior & exterior windows 
  • Remove screens and hand wash with soap
  • Wipe down frames and sills

Silver Package 

  • Clean exterior windows 
  • Remove screens and hand wash with soap

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We offer residential, commercial and new construction window cleaning along with gutter cleaning and power washing services.