Power Washing

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Grand Junction Pressure Washing

We offer power washing services in Grand Junction and the surrounding area.  

Residential Customers

For our residential customers we offer driveway, sidewalk and pool deck cleaning.  With this service, we use high pressure to remove oil, grease and potted plant stains, to bring the look of your surfaces back to life again.

Keep Your Surfaces Looking Their Best

It’s a natural process that building surfaces fade over time and it can be expensive to replace them.  Regularly power washing these surfaces can protect this investment.

Stay Safe From Injury & Liability

It might not seem like it at first, but there are dangers involved in this type of cleaning.  When high pressure water is dealt with incorrectly, serious injuries can happen.  That’s why choosing us to professionally power wash your home or business is a win-win, your safety is ensured and your property is well cleaned.

Commercial Customers

For our commercial customers we can power wash your awnings, sidewalks, dumper pads, & loading docks, .  We also do gum removal along with graffiti removal.  Some of our regular customers are restaurants, banks & gas stations.

Power washing services in Grand Junction are available for hire right now. The only question is whether or not you are going to make the smart move of taking advantage of them. In today’s world, your business faces greater competition than ever. You should act on anything that can give you the competitive advantage. Here are several key reasons that getting expert services done is the right move:

Make a great impression with Advanced Window Cleaning’s Pressure Washing Services

As a business, power washing your building can help make the best first impression possible.  In a world where things are judged by their cover, making that great first impression could mean making the sale.

The Right Equipment

You need the right equipment to get anything done correctly in business. This is no different. A great company is going to have high quality equipment that can cut deep through dirt, grime, and other debris. This leaves you with a clean exterior, no matter the location.

Advanced Window Cleaning will Protect Your Time

As a business owner time is one of the most valuable resources you have.  So its important you spend your time wisely and use a professional service company to keep your business looking top notch.

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We offer residential, commercial and new construction window cleaning along with gutter cleaning and power washing services.