Soft Washing

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What is soft washing?

Soft washing is done using low pressure (less then 500 PSI) and special tips that widens the spray which drops the point of pressure. So its is like giving your home a bath, cleaning the siding without damaging your siding.  We use eco-friendly soaps to gently clean the exterior of your home.  Unlike pressure power washing, soft washing does not damage the exterior coatings of your home or chip away the paint.  

What is the soft washing process?

We apply our eco-friendly soft wash solution to your homes exterior using our professional soft wash system.  We take extra care in apply the solution in a safe manner.  We allow the solution to do its job which is to break down any dirt, or organic and non-organic stains. We then rinse off the soft wash solution along with the dirt and grime.  

Can you soft wash any type of siding?

Yes, we can soft wash any type of siding.  The process is the same but the soft wash solution varies. 

Why should I use a professional soft wash company like Advanced Window Cleaning?

It is important to have a professional soft wash your home to avoid damage of your siding and your plants.  If you use the wrong soft wash solution on your surface it could cause expensive and irreversible damage.

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