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Soft washing is done using low pressure (less then 500 PSI) and special tips that widens the spray which drops the point of pressure. So its is like giving your home a bath, cleaning the siding without damaging your siding. We use eco-friendly soaps to gently clean the exterior of your home. Unlike pressure power washing, soft washing does not damage the exterior coatings of your home or chip away the paint.
We apply our eco-friendly soft wash solution to your homes exterior using our professional soft wash system. We take extra care in apply the solution in a safe manner. We allow the solution to do its job which is to break down any dirt, or organic and non-organic stains. We then rinse off the soft wash solution along with the dirt and grime.
Yes, we can soft wash any type of siding. The process is the same but the soft wash solution varies.
It is important to have a professional soft wash your home to avoid damage of your siding and your plants. If you use the wrong soft wash solution on your surface it could cause expensive and irreversible damage.
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Why Soft Wash My Home?

Your home will see restored beauty with a professional soft wash by our Advanced Window Cleaning professionals. Our professional soft washing service will also give you many other reasons to smile.

Keep Pests Away – Hiring our Advanced Window Cleaning professionals to soft wash your home will prevent insects and other pests from entering it.

Eco-Friendly – Our bio-degradable soaps and solutions will clean your home by eliminating the dirt, mold, and debris that has been living on it.

Improve Curb Appeal – The curb appeal of your home will be improved after it is professionally soft washed.

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The Importance of Soft Washing

Grime, dirt, and mold on your home stands out in the worst way. Your home is supposed to be your protection away from the outside and the elements floating outside. Once dirt, mold, and grime takes over the exterior of your home, it is time to soft wash it to avoid permanent damage and any other risks that can affect you living in your home peacefully. Our Advanced Window Cleaning professionals will remove the dirty eyesore that has taken over and restore your home back to the glorious beauty it once was. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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Don't Put Off Cleaning Your Home

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Dirt on the exterior of your home is unappealing. If left on your home for a long period of time, eventually costly repairs will need to be made.  Taking the time out to soft wash the exterior can be a tough task but with the help of our Advanced Window Cleaning professionals you no longer have to be embarrassed about the dirt living on your home. Our trained and skilled professionals are experienced with soft washing homes with the best cleaning products and equipment in the industry. We will work around your schedule and will work hard to leave you satisfied. Give us a call for a free quote.

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Eric was amazing!!!!! Very nice & professional. Windows look great!!! Would highly recommend. 3rd year of using them. Highly recommend 👌
Debbie Dawe
Debbie Dawe
21:16 13 May 24
Dean arrived on time and was very polite and courteous. He started right away and in a little over 1 1/2 hours had washed all my windows inside and out. He did a great job and I will be using Advanced Window Cleaning in the future. I am very pleased with the outcome. The windows, screens and tracks are all clean and shiny.
Jean Ann DiPaola
Jean Ann DiPaola
15:34 11 May 24
Dean and his son did a great job at our Coloramo Fruita Branch! There was 3 1/2 years of grime on the windows and it needed to be done. We have some really high windows, too. The result?! Crystal clear! They look so good when you drive by. You can see the reflections and the whole building just looks like it's taken care of. We will be using Advanced Window Cleaning again!
Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington
15:50 03 May 24
They arrived about 15 minutes before the appointment time. Workers were very professional and friendly. They also did a super job cleaning our windows.
Cheryl Vescio
Cheryl Vescio
22:14 02 Jun 23
Justin and Freddie were prompt and very experienced. I've had other window cleaners, where staff were not as trained. It's important to me to have trained staff.I did not realize costs of additional services, as I didn't ask!! Justin was very professional in explaining. I'll ask next time up front.With the pandemic and increased difficulty in finding qualified staff, I appreciate that Advanced Window Cleaning treats it's employees well and they deserve accolades. I'd recommend this company 😘
terry fabricius
terry fabricius
12:52 10 Nov 22

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