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Commercial Window Cleaning

#1 Commercial Window Cleaning

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Clean windows on your commercial property is a pleasant welcome for customers and potential business partners. Once dirt begins to build up on them they can make your business look unappealing. Our skilled professionals are trained and experienced with using ladders and other professional window cleaning equipment needed to clean every window on your building. We are dedicated to bringing the sparkle back to your windows because your windows deserve to look their very best. We are the #1 commercial window cleaning professionals in Grand Junction and the surrounding areas. Give us a call for free quote.

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Why Clean My Windows?

Professionally clean windows bring respect and appreciation from the community and those who visit your business. Your clean commercial windows will also bring the pride and many other benefits back to your workplace.

Enhance Productivity – Does it seem like your employees are slacking at work? It could be because of the dirt living on your windows. Once our Advanced Window Cleaning professionals clean your windows, you will see the productivity of your employees come back along with the care for your business.

Create Your Best First Impression – For those who are visiting your business for the first time, it is always nice to see clean windows. It is a welcome to guests who hope to do business with you and a sign of respect telling your guests they are always welcome.

Promote Good Health – Cleanliness encourages good health and also shows customers and other guests that you care about their health.

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Very happy with Eric at Advanced Window Cleaning. My windows are challenging and he did a terrific job. I have recommended him to friends.Today Amelia did a "refresh" due to mud & rain storm over weekend. Fell under 14 day rain guarantee so free of charge! I cannot recommend this company enough.
Cheryl Alpha
Cheryl Alpha
18:46 26 May 22
Amelia S. did an outstanding job of cleaning the multiple windows of our home. They had been quite neglected and now they are sparkling! We could not be more pleased. She was so courteous and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. Eric was prompt and courteous when giving us our estimate. Advanced Window Cleaning is worth every penny 💕I highly recommend 👌
Deb Bailey
Deb Bailey
00:57 10 Dec 21
Professional and strict to schedule big plus. The cleaners worked very hard for several hours straight in 100 degree weather. Only major concern is that cleaners were not vaccinated.
Joseph Noguera
Joseph Noguera
16:29 13 Aug 21

Determine the Factors

When Should I Clean My Windows?

You only have one good chance at impressing guests. If your windows are dirty their first impression could mean that either you don’t care about your business or your business is not thriving. While dirt has no date on when it appears on your windows, knowing when to clean them depends on the factors around your business.

Foot Traffic – Depending on how much foot traffic you get and the size of your building will determine how often you windows need to be cleaned. Multiple people in and out of your building brings in dirt and germs and may require frequent cleaning.

Location – If your business sits next to a busy street or highway, your windows will likely pick up a heavy amount of dirt, which means they will need to be cleaned very often.

Landscaping – Is your business surrounded by trees or dirt? Does it sit next to a parking lot? If so, you may need to routinely have your commercial windows cleaned.

Weather – Dirt and mineral deposits left on the windows from rain and snow will require frequent window cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning
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Don't Avoid Your Windows

Have you been avoiding your windows? Ignoring your windows once dirt starts to build up on them can turn your business into a big eyesore. If you have been trying to attract more customers to your business, then making sure your windows are clean is paramount to bringing them in. At Advanced Window Cleaning you will receive the best commercial window cleaning service. Our dedicated and reliable window cleaning professionals are licensed and experienced in restoring the shine and professionalism back into commercial properties and we are here to bring your welcoming first impression back to life. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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