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In 2013, Eric, John & Tammy met and quickly became friends. The friendship led to a business partnership. John & Tammy’s business experience along with Eric’s passion and knowledge of the window cleaning industry, make this partnership the perfect fit. Excited to grow a new business, they co-created Advanced Window Cleaning. Providing excellent customer service to the community of the Grand Valley is of the upmost importance to them – from the first call into the office to the final walkthrough with the technician. They always strive to do it the Advanced way.


Our Team

Tammy Hershberger

Tammy Accounting/HR

Tammy grew up dreaming of owning her own business. Having been the first in her family to go to college, she has since made this dream a reality and now owns two successful businesses.

Tammy who is a owner, is committed to running her businesses the same way she lives her life: with honesty, integrity and a passion and desire to give 100% to everything she does.

You will find Tammy in the office managing the bookkeeping, running the office, and dreaming up ways to grow the company and her team.

Eric Lammers

Eric Sales

From an incredibly young age, Eric has loved cleaning windows alongside his dad in their family-owned business in Arizona. Now, nearly two decades later, he still loves cleaning windows with his own company here in Colorado.

Eric who is a owner, is known for his hard work, his integrity, and how he takes pride in every job he does. Eric enjoys watching the excitement of each customer when they see a job well done.

You will find Eric out in the field doing bids and assisting on each job as our production manager and listening to podcasts as he enjoys learning new ways to grow his business and make it run more efficiently.

John Hershberger

John Maintenance Coordinator

John is one of our owners and helps with maintenance of our equipment. John works part time for our company as he is also an owner of another local business. John’s positive attitude and problem-solving skills makes him invaluable to our company.

John can be found at the shop maintaining our equipment and boosting our morale with a smile and his infectious love of to laugh & enjoy life.

Amelia Swartzentruber

Amelia Lead Tech

Amelia is one of our window cleaning technicians. Amelia’s positive attitude, service with a smile and work ethic make her fit right in with our team. When not working, Amelia likes to travel, go to church and spend time with her boyfriend.

You will find Amelia working in the field daily as our lead technician in training. Amelia supervises and helps with window cleaning, power washing, solar panel cleaning & gutter cleaning jobs.

Monica of Advanced Window Cleaning

Monica Office Administrator

Monica – Office Administrator Monica is a mom of two and recently moved to Grand Junction. She enjoys hiking and the beautiful views that Grand Junction has to offer. In her free time she stays busy renovating her new home and playing with her two fur babies.

Cassandra Office Administrator

Cassandra is our newest hire who works part time in our office. Cassandra helps track production numbers along with assisting Monica & Tammy in keeping the office running smoothly. She is a single mom of two kids. She loves doing outdoor activities with them such as fishing and playing in the water.

Gabe - Assistant Tech

Gabe Assistant Tech

I am a window cleaner who loves the Lord and my family. They both motivate me to work as hard as I do. In my free time I am always fishing or camping.

Koda - Assistant Tech

Koda Assistant Tech

Koda is our assistant tech who is in training to be a lead tech. Koda enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys fishing & hiking.

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