Who We Are


In 2013, Eric’s passion and knowledge of the window cleaning industry led him to create Advanced Window Cleaning. Providing excellent customer service to the community of the Grand Valley is of the utmost importance to him – from the first call into the office to the final walkthrough with the technician. Eric always strive to do it the Advanced way.

Our Mission

Our mission at Advanced Window Cleaning is to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing them excellent customer service.  We are dedicated to hiring knowledgeable & friendly staff who thrive on providing excellent customer service and who are committed to doing the job right the first time.


Our Team

Eric Lammers

Eric Sales/Production Manager

From an incredibly young age, Eric has loved cleaning windows alongside his dad in their family-owned business in Arizona. Now, nearly two decades later, he still loves cleaning windows with his own company here in Colorado.

Eric who is a owner, is known for his hard work, his integrity, and how he takes pride in every job he does. Eric enjoys watching the excitement of each customer when they see a job well done.

You will find Eric out in the field doing bids and assisting on each job as our production manager and listening to podcasts as he enjoys learning new ways to grow his business and make it run more efficiently.

PRIDE Acronym

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