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Gutter Cleaning


We offer professional gutter cleaning for Grand Junction residents and business owners.  By removing all the debris that builds up in your gutters and downspouts, it helps prevent water from backing up and damaging your facia and foundations.  

With the Basic Package we hand scoop the debris out of your gutters, bag it, and remove it from your property.  

With the Deluxe Package we not only hand scoop the debris out of your gutters and bag it, but we also rinse down your gutters and down spouts to remove any shingle particles and dirt.  With this package we offer a FREE 30 Day Free Flow Guarantee! 

Here are some common misconceptions regarding gutters:

Gutter Cleaning Is Just About Debris Removal

Many homeowners wait to get their gutters cleaned until there is an overwhelming evidence that a cleaning is needed.  People could have been misled by a myriad of misconceptions and myths about gutter care. Falling prey to such misconceptions normally means that you fail to care for your gutters as you should and this will ultimately prove very costly.

A professional will tell you if yours are leaking and also confirm that the downspouts are working properly and capable of draining water away from your home.

The Property Manager Or Home Owner Can Clean The Gutters

One of the greatest misconceptions is the belief that gutter cleaning is a task that the average home owner or handyman can perform to perfection. Proper gutter cleaning is a highly specialized task that calls for experience and the use of correct equipment. Without these, cleaning can become risky, which is why its not surprising that serious injuries are common when the work is entrusted to untrained people. In addition to risk of serious injury or worse, novice gutter cleaning can not be expected to yield the same results as a job done by a pro, regardless of the tools that an untrained person might be using.

Investing In Gutter Guards Means You’ll Never Need To Clean The Gutters Again

This is a very common misconception and some people have installed gutter guards and then assumed that they’ll never again have to perform a gutter cleaning. Gutter guards are certainly important, but what you need to remember is that the guards can only keep the gutters free of big pieces of debris. Gutter guards can not keep away tiny pieces of debris such as seeds or sticks and these will eventually colonize your gutters. This provides ideal conditions for the growth of pests. In the end, you might find yourself having to get the guards removed to allow for proper cleaning.

Gutters Should Only Be Cleaned After The Fall

Many Grand Junction property owners will arrange to have their gutters cleaned after fall for obvious reasons – to get rid of the leaves and other debris that is common during this season. While such cleaning is beneficial, there are many reasons why its important to remember that there are many reasons why cleaning gutters during other times of the year could prove to be necessary. Regardless of the season, it’d be prudent to get your gutters cleaned if you notice that they are clogged or sagging as they could get damaged beyond repair.

Many home owners believe that cleaning the gutters once a year is sufficient. In some regions, that might be the case.  Where there are frequent downpours, usually calls for more frequent cleanings.  Even though that may not be the case in the Grandy Valley, it is still helpful to have your gutters inspected by a professional on a regular basis.

A good service is affordable and comes with a host of benefits.  As a homeowner you’d be prudent to get pro help rather than give into misconceptions. Leave it up to us at Advanced Window Cleaning to make the most of your biggest investment. Give us a call today!

Gutter Cleaning Packages

Basic Package 

  • Hand scoop out gutter debris ensuring your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home. 

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