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Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer professional solar panel cleaning for Grand Junction residents and business owners. This entails using our water filtration system to agitate and remove the dirt. We then do a final rinse to ensure the surface is clean and spot free.

Many home owners who have solar panels tend to forget about the importance of keeping them clean. Most solar panel manufacturers recommend cleaning your solar panels every 6-18 months to keep them working efficiently. One study done showed that by cleaning your solar panels it upped the efficiency by 32%. *Study did not show how dirty the solar panel was to start.

However by keeping your solar panels clean, it will extend the life of your solar panels and extend how far your money goes by keeping them running efficiently.
Yes, the homeowner can climb up on the roof and attempt to clean their solar panels. However your risking your own safety by climbing up on the roof and also risking scratching the solar panel by cleaning them incorrectly.

By letting a professional clean your solar panels your not taking any risk of injury and your are not taking the risk of damaging your solar panels. By letting Advanced Window Cleaning clean your solar panels they will be professionally cleaned, saving your time and money.
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Very happy with Eric at Advanced Window Cleaning. My windows are challenging and he did a terrific job. I have recommended him to friends.Today Amelia did a "refresh" due to mud & rain storm over weekend. Fell under 14 day rain guarantee so free of charge! I cannot recommend this company enough.
Cheryl Alpha
Cheryl Alpha
18:46 26 May 22
Amelia S. did an outstanding job of cleaning the multiple windows of our home. They had been quite neglected and now they are sparkling! We could not be more pleased. She was so courteous and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. Eric was prompt and courteous when giving us our estimate. Advanced Window Cleaning is worth every penny 💕I highly recommend 👌
Deb Bailey
Deb Bailey
00:57 10 Dec 21
Professional and strict to schedule big plus. The cleaners worked very hard for several hours straight in 100 degree weather. Only major concern is that cleaners were not vaccinated.
Joseph Noguera
Joseph Noguera
16:29 13 Aug 21

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