Is It Worth the Effort To Clean My Gutters?

If you have been overlooking your gutters, then you may be overlooking the dirt that has clogged them. Clogged gutters can not only be an eyesore problem but a structural problem to your home as well. Many homeowners are not aware of the seriousness of a clogged gutter until it is too late. Unfortunately, by this time the damage to your home and your lawn may have already begun to take over. If this does happen, cleaning your gutters immediately is important. But will cleaning them be worth it?

Protect Your Home From Water Damage

An essential part of your property’s structure, your gutters need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to keep from putting the rest of the property at risk of structure damage. Without proper care, your gutters will be left open to elements in the air as well as rodents looking for a place to make a home. Leaving your gutters clogged is not worth the risk of having to repair damages done to your home.

Don’t Let Your Landscaping Get Destroyed

While water flowing away from your gutters and roof sounds good, if it sits on your lawn for too long, you may eventually be faced with soil erosion or your flowers and plants being destroyed. A damaged lawn can not only become an eyesore but also drop the value of your property. Having it professionally cleaned will eliminate the worry of water sitting on your lawn longer than it should. 

Avoid Basement Flooding

If your basement is flooded, it could be because your gutter is blocked. Once your basement begins to flood, it is opening up the flood gates for mold and mildew growth to take over. Unfortunately, basement flooding does not only damage the flooring, but also furniture, electronics, and other valuables. A routine professional gutter cleaning will funnel rainwater away from your roof to the drainage.

Making sure your gutter is cleaned regularly can be a daunting task but cleaning it out will be well worth it. If you are not skilled with climbing a ladder or have never cleaned out your gutter, hiring a professional to clean out your dirty gutter may put you at ease.

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