What Is the Green Stuff On My Siding?

Green stuff on your home? If you have noticed green stuff growing on your home and don’t know what it is, the unappealing eyesore can leave you scratching your head about how to clean it off and the damage that may be done if it isn’t cleaned. Your siding is one of the most important features on your home and should be treated as such. With the airborn algae growing on your home, it is at risk of being permanently damaged if it is not quickly and  thoroughly cleaned.

What Should I Do About the Algae?

Algae on your siding can be a terrible sight. Your curb appeal and the beauty of your home will take a hit if algae is left sitting without any plans of cleaning it off. So what should you do? To start off, assess the areas of your home that seem to be infected with the disgusting algae. If you plan on cleaning it off yourself, you should research pressure washing companies and the processes used by the companies, but if the process seems overwhelming, it is best to hire a reputable pressure washing company to clean the algae and dirt off your home.

Where Does the Algae Usually Appear?

While having algae on any part of your home is unattractive, this disgusting green eyesore will usually appear on the north side of the home. This being because the north side of the home usually gets less sunlight, causing algae and mold to grow in the darker and moister areas. However, if left untreated, the algae will spread after eating on the dirt living on it.

How Do I Keep Algae Off My Home For Good?

You can keep algae off of your home for good by routinely having your home pressure washed. An annual pressure wash will keep your home looking great and keep the algae from embedding itself into your home, causing damage. If you do not have the time or patience to pressure wash your home yourself, hiring a professional will get rid of your worries..

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